tiny adventures: blackberry picking after nine

For most Dutch people the Summer vacation has begon and this weekend was a good start with warm, sunny weather. We both have to work so we're not going anywhere this Summer, but we like to create our little mini vacations in the weekends.wander into a forest - Inspire Styling Journal On Friday we had a amazing evening in our garden with friends, lots of great (&pretty!) food and wine. Saturday morning we went out to get icecream and decided it was to hot to spend the day outside.. so we switched to total couch potato mode and watched a movie with our feet in a tub with cold water ;)

After a late evening picknick dinner in the grass we drove to a forest/heathland to cool down a bit. It was a bit to dark to take proper pictures, but I kind of like the blue light and hazy feel to it.blue flowers - Inspire Styling Journalforest road1 - Inspire Styling Journalheathland - Inspire Styling Journalyoung pinetree - Inspire Styling Journal We tried to avoid the forest grounds and the ticks that live there so, unlike usual, we sticked to the main paths. Lucky us found a lot of blackberry bushes there, scared a few mice by showing up so late and picked some berries. wander - Inspire Styling Journalforest road - Inspire Styling Journalblackberries - Inspire Styling Journalpicking blackberries - Inspire Styling Journalblackberry picking - Inspire Styling Journalblackberry picking - Inspire Styling Journal (2)I made Stefan take a lot of photos of the blackberries in my hands, I knew how I wanted it to look but it's quite hard to take pictures through someone else's eyes ;) But I married the perfect man, because this picture turned out beautiful!

The next morning I shot a little 'summer breakfast' foodstyling series with our blackberry harvest, check it out here.

Have a great summer! ♥ Anne