tiny adventures: deer, foxes and cornflowers

We booked an idylllic log cabin in the woods for our 'honeymoon'. The real trip will go to Costa Rica, probably later this year. But to get away from it all and relax for a while we escaped to the most quiet place in the Netherlands: Midwolda, in Groningen. Our little home for the week was surrounded with ferns, trees, birds and butterflies.log cabin in the woods | Inspire Styling journalferns flare | Inspire Styling journalforest | Inspire Styling journal We had a great week, walked around in the woods, explored the flowery fields around it, photographed a lot of insects and plants, killed some mosquitos, drank a lot of wine, had dinners at the kitchen-bar, counted the birds in the garden, swam at a big lake, drove around in our firevan, almost got stuck in a cornfield, annoyed some sheep at the edge of the Waddenzee, danced in the living room and just enjoyed being newlywed!swamp field | Inspire Styling journalwandering | Inspire Styling journalnettle | Inspire Styling journalsticky plant | Inspire Styling journal I shot a lot of forest&plant pictures, as usual.  At times we switched roles, so Stefan could take photos and I would wait for him while he tried to document a cricket. At the edge of the woods was this magical, flowery field.. the closest thing to heaven as far as I'm concerned. It was filled with blue cornflowers and some lost poppy's, daisies and other wild flowers (scroll down for photos). We spotted some deer in that same field and even saw foxes around there! deer | Inspire Styling journal As you can see I don't have a big zoom lens on my camera.. Can you spot her? She just stood there and stared at us for a minute or so before she ran away. So beautiful! fox | Inspire Styling journal I was so excited when we spotted this gorgeous fox too! We saw two of them and this curious one even came really close! At that point, Stefan was holding the camera so I don't have a close-up pic, but I was over the moon!  I felt so happy I could cry! I know, I'm a big Disney emo-girl.. ;)striped feather | Inspire Styling journalclover | Inspire Styling journalbutterflies | Inspire Styling journalflowers | Inspire Styling journalgrasshopper | Inspire Styling journalclover leafs | Inspire Styling journal We explored the forest surrounding our cabin and walked for hours by the edge of the woods, a.k.a. flower&insect paradise. Did you spot the butterflies and the big grasshopper? This was at one end of the woods, the cornflower field at the other side. Told you, complete paradise! :) cornflower field | Inspire Styling journalflower meadow | Inspire Styling journalcornflower field | Inspire Styling journalcornflower field shoot | Inspire Styling journal Stefan snapped this picture with his phone, I didn't want to leave this field but it was burning hot so I'm glad we did ;) But this is definitely a place we will visit again! If  you like nature, need a relaxing or romantic getaway and don't mind smelling like bug spray.. This cabin in Midwolda is for you!

Enjoy your summer! ♥ Anne