enjoying some time in the sun

summer flowers sun spring golden hour | Inspire Styling blogOooh, I love these sunny spring days! Today even felt like summer! I decided to take it easy so I spend a lot of time chilling in our garden, soaking up the sun before the rainy days will start again ;)

I hate the saying "I'm so busy" because I think people use it just to sound interesting. But now I really am busy, the best kind of busy.. because wedding season is starting! Yay, can't wait! I can hear my couples getting more nervous every day, but don't worry guys, everything will be great :)

If you want me to (plan&)style your wedding, don't wait too long with contacting me, my calender is filling up. I have room for 1 or 2 summer weddings and look forward to your fall&winter plans! Mail me at weddings [at] inspirestyling.com or give me a call!

Speak to you soon and enjoy the sun! :) ♥ Anne