from tajine to pizza: 6 vegetarian food blogs

Warning: This post can cause some serious cravings. So grab some snacks, keep your grocery list close and enjoy!

6 favorite vegetarian food blogs: For worldy, colourful and tasteful recipes

Why these blogs? Because they excell in photography, foodstyling and recipes! On these website you will find recipes that make me very happy, so expect a lot of worldy flavours, avocado, sweet potato, chickpeas and nuts. Almost every blog is 100% vegetarian of even vegan.

We actually almost never eat fish or meat anymore, ever since our WWF expedition to Borneo, where we saw what our modern consumer lifestyle does to the earth and it's habitants. We now only eat biological meat or fish, maybe once a month, at the most.

After our honeymoon to Costa Rica (promise: pictures will come sooooon!) we started with weekly menu's. This probably sounds very old fashioned, but I love those slow Saturday mornings lookings for recipes together. And we cook and eat with a lot more love and care now, we try to buy seasonal veggies only and visit the farmers market and the greengrocer a lot more. No more perfect shiny greens from the supermarket! (I mean, why? You're eating them anyway). I kind of hate to say cliché things, but I feel so much better now we are eating better! And I have never enjoyed my meals more :) (bonus: they look gorgeous!) dolly and oatmeal - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog One of my new favorites is Dolly and Oatmeal. Last week I made Lindsey's pink quinoa salad, with oven roasted beets, blood orange and a chimichurri dressing. And oooh my, that was so good!! Chimichurri sounds pretty exotic, but is so easy to make! I served the salad with a wholegrain French bread and dipped that in that dressing. A great (vegan) alternative for good old pesto!!

As a stylist I get really picky about how food looks, more than the average foodie I guess. But that pink and green salad totally passed!! So pretty :) Actually, all the recipes on these 6 blogs are perfectly photographed and styled!! the first mess - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog The First Mess is a website that never lets me down. Whenever I need inspiration, I find it here. I don't think I will stop cooking until I have tried everything Laura comes up with! You can easily fill a dozen weekly menu's with this one (trust me). And.. this has nothing to do with cooking but everything with relating to a blogger.. I love her about page photo! It makes me happy :)green kitchen stories - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog Always a winner: Green Kitchen Stories, a very popular blog, even by non-vegetarians (labels are just labels).  The photography and styling are amazing, for the pictures alone their two cookbooks (the Green Kitchen and the Green Kitchen Travels) are on the top of my wishlist food bandits - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog A Dutch blog, which I only recently discovered. Untill today I have seen nothing but really nice stories and beautiful photos, so I am hooked! Food Bandits excells in sweet (vegan) baking recipes and 'messy' styling. And I love the texts by 'woman behind the pineapple' aka Suus, she has a very fun tone of voice. The Morning Rituals series are wonderful to read, they make you dream of lazy Sunday mornings with coffee and bread fresh from the oven. my new roots - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog Sarah of My New Roots is a 'whole food eater', which basicly means she doens't let processed food with lots of junk ingredients in her kitchen. (insert applause here) Maybe whole food sounds really lame and boring, but there is nothing lame about those overwhelming coloured bowls, all the comfort food and 'the best coconutsoup ever' (or so she claims, I haven't tried it yet ;))! krautkopf - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog The best thing about Krautkopf (well, second best.. after their English blog), is how easy you can search by season. That is the best thing you can do anyway, eat with the seasons, nothing has to be flown in from across the world and everything tastes so much better! Come one, those watery strawberries from Egypt in the Winter or fresh, juicy strawberries from your own backyard on a warm Summer day? I dare you to pick the first! Same things about veggies.. remember, there's is more to life than brocolli and tomatoes people! 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog Hungry yet? I warned you! I had a delicious lunch while writing this, but I can hear my stomach roar already :)

What are your favorites recipes or (vegetarian) food blogs? Share them with me and other readers in the comments below! I can't wait to discover even more food inspiration!

Have a lovely weekend! ♥ Anne

*dives into her kitchen cabinets to find a yummy snack*