good food and picture perfect Amersfoort

It has been too long! The downside of being partner of an amazing blog like Oh Marie! is my own blog feels a little left out. But here I am, I didn't forget about you! :)

Life lately has been quite hectic, but filled with wedding preparations, shoots, some 'mweh' days (yes, like everybody else, don't believe everything you see on social media) and lots of good food and sweet people. I told you before, we eat vegetarian most of the time and we have been cooking more special things lately. Like the dinner above, my sister and brother-in-law came over and I made them very very happy with a Italian style tabletop and different veggie dishes. These sweet potato fries, the avocado spread and cauliflower&chickpea salad were soooo good! And everybody even liked my last-minute-I-need-another-dip tomato&red onion salsa. Yay!

And yes, my sweet husband knocked over his glass of red wine over that crisp white linen cloth. But that was bound to happen. I should have sticked to white wine :) *note to self: buy new linen at the market*Amersfoort - @annevanmidden on Instagram This month my picture perfect hometown Amersfoort was the place to be, I have had meeting after meeting here. Super easy and always a winner. I spend some time at this cool new coffee place called Livingstone, strolled through the cute little streets with friends and enjoyed the sunny weather (as long as it lasted, go away rain!).

Can I say I just LOVE meeting other creatives? I do! Especially if they are illustrators I have admired for a few years and they turn out to be so sweet and a perfect match, friend-wise. And I love talking to other stylists that make me look at things differently. Or planning shoots with photographers while showing cat pictures to each other. Oh well, you get the point. When you work alone it can be so refreshing to meet up and share ideas, thoughts and new perspectives. And cat photos, you always need cat photos. So here you go, one irritated Nalu cutiepie! You're welcome. anne-nalu1 The next couple of weeks are wedding weeks, but I have some really interesting shoots planned too. I will try to share pictures soon! But no promises, you might remind me of it and make me feel bad! ;)

Until then: ENJOY! ♥ Anne