let's be adventurers (about this journal)

Anne van Midden - Cahuita, Costa Rica honeymoonWELCOME

Hi there! You might have read my 'about' page or scrolled around my work. And now you found my little personal corner, my online journal. I hope you like what you see&read here, I hope to inspire you by sharing stories about me, my life, my styling work and interests. You will find some behind the scenes pictures, work in progress and updates about the projects I am working on.

For all the lovely brides&grooms out here: I hope to help you out with my regular (Dutch) wedding inspiration posts. Posts about themes, practical tips and the best ideas for your wedding. You can also find inspiration in my portfolio, where you can look at the weddings I have styled and of course, my own wedding in the woods.

Most of all I hope you are willing to travel with us. Because a lot of stories will be about me and my love, about what we do and the places we go. Right now, those places are not the places you will find on the average 'wanderlust' Pinterest board. It's the places close to us, the park in our neighboorhood, a forest on a 30 minute bikeride from here, the beach on Stefan's birth island or a village we drove by with our firevan.

Sure, we want to travel the world, see the Northen Light, count birds in a rainforest (check!! Our Costa Rica honeymoon made this happen!), roadtrip in America, climb mountains, gaze at stars in an African desert and discover new countries. But we can't do everything now, so we just make plans, dream and explore our own country first.

You can join in on our adventures by following my journal and check the category 'adventures'. I love capturing all the beauty we come across with my camera and sketchbook. Expect a lot of plants, berries, forests and photos of my man. Stefan loves running around, exploring less-travelled paths and shooting videos with his gopro. And sometimes he grabs the camera to snap pictures of me picking berries, spotting birds and playing in the shoreline. These are our adventures and no matter how small they may seem, they are grand to us.

I hope to see you around! ♥ Anne

-- Loving you is the greatest adventure --