loveshoot Amersfoort: awkward love

I've been thinking about the wonderful day we had yesterday in our beautiful Amersfoort with Danique (88forever) for our engagement shoot.

It surpised me how nervous I was at the beginning, but sweet Danique made me relax and Stefan made me laugh by just being the man I love. We are really happy we did this shoot, even though we haven't seen a photo yet! Okay, maybe two, on the screen of her camera.. And this pretty pic above she posted on Instagram yesterday. It's a great try-out for the "BIG DAY" :)

Stefan said to me yesterday: "It is just so special to have beautiful pictures of us." And I agree! Usually I'm the one taking pictures, so the only time we're in a frame together is when we take a selfie. Well, yesterday was a little different.. but we were still us, the kinda awkward&giggly but great couple that we are! ♥

Although I'm super ahead of everything, this is my advice to all of you: Do this! Have a lovely, fun day with the one(s) you love, a photographer you like and end up with photos you treasure the rest of your life! :)

Love, Anne ♥

** My soundtrack for this post: The new EP of Postcards from Mars  ** (and yes, that just happens to be Danique's fiance and my old classmate :) )