something old, something new...

proposal in the sand - Inspire Styling journalA little Google-translate for the non-Dutch readers: 'Trouwen?' means 'Marry?'... :) Of course I said YES to my amazing Stefan. The sneaky guy surprised me with his proposal during our weekend at a beach-house. The weekend itself already was a surprise for our 7 year anniversary. He asked me on June 29th (our 7 year and 1 day anniversary), six months after he bought a vintage ring (something old!)

He searched untill he found the perfect ring, the perfect ring box and waited for the perfect moment to ask me. What a man.. :) ♥ engaged - Inspire Styling journaltoast at sunset - Inspire Styling journalbeach sunset - Inspire Styling journalengagement ring - Inspire Styling journalevening bliss - Inspire Styling journalengagement weekend - Inspire Styling journal Isn't the ring amazing? He knows me so well... and the antique ringbox from Edinburgh is a great find too! Can I use the word 'perfect' again? ;)

I am happier then ever with my boyfriend (no wait... fiancé!) and big love of my life Stefan! Over the moon happy that is!! And no, I will not say "I can't wait to marry him!", because I CAN wait and we will enjoy every second our engagement.. it's a once in a lifetime thing!

How's that for an update? :)

Love, Anne ♥