cold feet in a desert landscape

Tribe shoot for OhMarie Magazine | Photography by OAK&FIR | Styling by Inspire Styling&OhMarie MagazineToday I have a little behind the scenes action for you guys. Last week I styled the 'Tribe' themed photoshoot for the re-launch of OhMarie! Magazine. I came up with a desert/prairie/cowboy feeling and we found the perfect photographer in OAK&FIR and the perfect setting in these beautiful dunes. But the temperature was everything but desert-like.. it wasn't freezing (anymore), but with just 5 degrees celcius it was more like a desert night than day!

And oh my, our poor model Nikki had to pose barefeet, dressed in tiny shorts, in that cold, cold sand. But she kicked ass and although her fingers and legs were kind of blueish in the end, she looked gorgeous! It is always a delight to see your concept come alive, but with this bursting-of-talent-team, it was better than I could think of!

These photos are some Instagram pics from me and Marlous (OhMarie pack leader). The preview above is by Danique from OAK&FIR (don't you love her new brandname? It fits her work perfectly)behind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Styling behind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Stylingbehind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @ohmariemagbehind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Stylingbehind the scenes shoot - OhMarie - Tribe Team selfie! As you can see, I am not the most photogenic person in the world, with my eyes half closed and all. In my defense.. my head was half frozen! It's a good thing I am usually BEHIND the camera/scenes and not in front of it, haha ;)

I loved working on this shoot, we all know each other so working together was quite easy. We had a lot of fun, playing with puppies passing by, trying to cover up Nikki as she was changing her outfit in the middle of the dunes, lunching on the cold sand and laughing at ourselves.. we made quite the appearance, dragging big bags full of clothes and a vintage peacock chair along. Shootdays are the best!

I can't wait to see the story in OhMarie Magazine! ♥ Anne