life lately: perfect autumn days

fresh homemade bread - annevanmidden on InstagramLife has been good lately. We are having a wonderful Indian Summer here in the Netherlands and I love seeing the first signs of Autumn in that gorgeous golden sunlight. The colors are changing, there are berries and rose hips all around and the market is overloaded with pumpkins. This is my season! 

All pictures are taken from my Instagram. My account is featured on both Teske de Schepper's website and on the vtwonen blog, yay!! For more snaps from my daily life, color inspiration, homemade bread experiments and all kinds of Autumn perfection, join the fun: @annevanmidden.autumn berries - annevanmidden on Instagramcampfire popcorn - annevanmidden on Instagramautumn colors - annevanmidden on Instagramsunday morning - annevanmidden on Instagramautumn breakfast - annevanmidden on Instagrammacrame workshop emily katz - annevanmidden on Instagram It will always be hard to be self-employed, but the beauty of everyday things help me to think positive. And of course, good talks with friends help too! The most important thing is: I still love what I do! That said.. if you need a stylist for your photoshoot, interior or wedding.. Don't hesitate to contact me! I would love to do some outdoor shoots and foodstyling projects this fall&winter!

♥ Anne