kinfolk style christmas giftwrap

We have decorated a tree, covered our house with twinkling lights and I am wearing my favorite wool sweater (even though it feels like Spring outside.. stupid global warming.. :( ). You would say we're all set and ready for the Holidays. But wait! There is something missing under our tree. The only thing we can find now is Nalu, trying to get her head around why there is a tree inside. We definitely need presents. Lots of pretty gift-wrapped presents.

I always support the makers, the small brands and local stores. We don't want a city centre full of flagship stores do we? So I buy my gifts from artists, the cute bookstore in town and of course at my friend Rena's shop: Hear Hear Amsterdam.

A few weeks ago I decorated her shop window for Christmas and on December 23th I will be there to wrap your Hear Hear presents! Kinfolk style, so lots of kraft paper, twine and eucalyptus. It's my Christmas gift to you! Be sure to stop by for the prettiest handmade ceramics, books, jewelry and accessoires, have it wrapped and put it under your tree. Easy does it!

You don't need a lot to create something beautiful for your loved one. Kraft paper, twine and a pretty twig. Maybe add a personal label or write a sweet message on the paper, but that's it! I used different types of dried eucalyptus for these presents, but a few sprigs of pine-tree, berries or even a dried hydrangea will do. And you can always mix it up in terms of twine. Maybe a different color for each family member?

Will I see you the 23th? I can't wait to send you home with lots of beautiful gifts (both inside and out)!

Hear Hear, Heisteeg 8, Amsterdam Opening times on Dec 23: 11:00 - 19:00

See you then!

♥ Anne