Oh Marie is back in town!

Oh Marie launch party - @ohmariemag on instagramOh Marie! Magazine is back again! Marlous and I launched the new website this Sunday, in the company of our little tribe of bloggers, photographers, illustrators and other creatives. We had a lot of fun at the launch party and I loved meeting and talking to a lot of online friends. Applause for the tribal outfits, I saw some awesome combinations! I think we can all agree Vera Bertens 'indian cats' sweater ruled the place!

I never expected to recieve gifts, but my table is filled up with presents, sweet cards and a LOT of Tony's chocolate bars now. And I must say, you guys know the art of giftwrapping! So much pretty packages, it felt like my birthday :)

Speaking of birthdays.. Nikki&Lisa rocked the cakes table with their heavenly creations! I took home 3 plates filled with leftovers, so I am probably have to take a detox month in April (remember that pile of chocolate..) Sugarrrr overload! ;) Oh Marie launch party - @annevanmidden on instagramOh Marie launch party - @annevanmidden on instagram Oh Marie launch party - @immerurlaub on instagram It was a lot of work to finish everything for this deadline but we nailed it! Marlous and Casper took care of the website, while I worked on the launch party. I never take the easy way, so I wrapped up 50 tiny cactusses (autsj), made stamps to customize the napkins&menucards, collected caketoppers, plates and glasses, created macramé planthangers&wall hangings and made flavoured water/lemonade (in my brand new taps that kept on leaking). Marlous and I transformed the little greenhouse at DRUK into a desert like tribal heaven in under 2 hours. And it looked great!

I am so proud of everything we did already and I can't wait to do so much more for Oh Marie! Marlous wrote something on the website that explains how I feel about it too: Oh Marie! is like coming home. A home where creative people can find each other, where you are not weird or and exception, but part of a family. And I couldn't be happier with my new place in this amazing family! *add a thousands smiles here*

♥ Anne

PS: Anki already wrote a blogpost on Zilverblauw about the launch, with some pretty pictures you want to see! :)

instagram photos: portrait by Lonneke via @ohmariemag, styling details @annevanmidden, greenhouse photo by Ellen via @immerurlaub

tiny adventures: greenhouse wanderers

greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalA few weeks ago, on my birthday, me and my love wandered through a small, old greenhouse in Utrecht. It was an Autumn day and although the leaves were turning yellow and red, the air was warm. Mother Nature made the most of the Indian Summer this year.

Strolling through greenhouses is my favorite thing to do, so if I know there is such a place in a city I visit I will look it up. I guess I'm not really a city-let's go shopping-kind of person. I used up the full percentage of my iPhone to shoot a lot of pictures, as I wasn't carrying my camera with me that day. So much beauty! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal These massive waterlillies (Victoria amazonica) are the show-stopper of the Oude Hortus. They are absoluty amazing, so delicate and strong at the same time. The leaves can grow up to 1,5 meters in Summer, worth checking out I would say! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal Even fallen bougainville petals have the most beautiful color! This is magenta at it's best! We tried to grow a bougainville in our garden, but the Dutch climate is way too harsh on this pretty Medditerranean plant. Adding to bucketlist: Spotting a bougainville in it's natural habitat! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal These little crawling plant was incredibly soft and airy, it felt like some sort of bouncy cloud. I actually petted this plant, very gently of course. Do not do this if you can't be careful! (PS: Look at our hands! They say: "We are married!" :) ) greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal I have been to Utrecht lots of times, but I never knew about this small gem in the city centre. The Oude Hortus is part of the Universiteitsmuseum, the entrance fee for just the greenhouse&garden is close to zero. The greenhouse itself isn't really that big, but the atmosphere is nice and the garden very pretty! The perfect place to escape the busy streets and shops. You can even take a break at the Gingko café, where they serve coffee, cake, lunch and wine. One of the oldest Ginkgo trees (250 years!) grows in this garden, hence the name.

Oh and we found out you can get married at this place! Can't wait till I can plan&style a wedding here!

If you happen to be in Utrecht, remember to visit this beautiful, calm place behind the Dick Bruna museum :)

♥ Anne