Happy Holidays!!

happy holidays - simple Christmas wreath | Inspire StylingI'm making some last minute Christmas wreaths today, to make our living room look extra festive for the next couple of days. I saved the branches we cut off our Christmas tree for this. Planning ahead and less waste, win-win! :) This is my first one, I photographed it before the daylight was completely gone (oh those dark winter days!). My entire desk is covered in green clippings from our garden now, so I guess I will have to make some more today ;)

And yes, I'm doing this at the very last minute, I planned to decorate the entire home before this weekend. Inspired by all the amazing (overseas) stylists I follow, I set that impossible goal every year! Never works out. I don't know how other people do this, I guess I will have to work on that planning ahead thing, haha!

We don't have too much plans for Christmas, except for a lunch at my sisters place, so we will probably spend the Holidays like we do every year: In our living room, with a pile of blankets, pillows, movies, snacks and wine. Just the two of us, our furry friend Nalu and our sweet little Kalare, who is no longer with us but will be in our hearts forever.

I hope you have a wonderful time, filled with joy, love and magical moments!

ENJOY! ♥ Anne

green overload at woonbeurs 2014

I visited the Woonbeurs last week and one thing was pretty obvious: plants definitely are back in our homes! The entire fair looked like a greenhouse! And yes, there was some black&white, pastel and a few tiny leftovers of the neon trend. But overall, it was green, green and more green! Needless to say.. I loved it!woonbeurs 2014 - plants | Inspire Styling journal I posted some pictures that same day with the popular #urbanjunglebloggers hashtag on Instagram. It's great to see that nature is everywhere now, I do hope people will see it as more than just a hype and don't forget about their plants and environment as soon the trend is over. But I can see some changes happening and I think a big group of lovely human beings will care for our beautiful world. Including myself, of course :)

Here's what I saw and liked at Woonbeurs 2014.. *iPhone pictures only* woonbeurs 2014 - plants | Inspire Styling journal Like I said.. lots of plants everywhere. These pretty guys and much, much more! The plant 'garland' was quite popular, I saw these at multiple stands. In this collage two of them: bottom right and upper left :) woonbeurs 2014 - Six and Sons stand | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - Six and Sons stand | Inspire Styling journal This stand belongs to the always fabulous Sixs&Sons, they sell vintage items and new products. If their name doesn't ring a bell, you should check out their collection! I love just about everything they have :) woonbeurs 2014 - Combitex stand | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - Combitex stand | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - copper sunburst mirror | Inspire Styling journal A sunburst mirror is still on my wishlist and this one was looking pretty cool! You can see a part of the More Than Classic/Eigen Huis&Interier home reflected in the centre. They had a tropical/sunroom vibe going on, but in a very polished way. Hence the shiny mirror.. :) woonbeurs 2014 | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - VTWonen | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - Karwei stand, styling by StyleCookie | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - Karwei stand, styling by StyleCookie  | Inspire Styling journal The StyleCookie ladies did a great job styling the Karwei stand! Everybody loved it, it was one of the most inspiring stands on the fair. They combined a lot of plants, vintage items, creative solutions and DIY ideas for a complete re-brand of a DIY store. Well done!woonbeurs 2014 - beetles dress - Inspire Styling journal This dress made of beetle shields made me think twice. I love it, I even designed a tropical paradise collection once, based on these shields. But I wonder where they got these beetles, since there were a LOT of shields. I will try to think positive and assume they were collected in a good way.. *still thinking twice though*woonbeurs 2014 - Puur Anders at Ariadne at home | Inspire Styling journal My dear collegae Miranda from Puur Anders was working at the Ariadne home, to inspire visitors and promote her new collection. Remember the gorgeous 'hidden memories' shoot we did? Miranda was working on some new items with these pictures on it! So cool to see the process and to see our photos come to live in her work. woonbeurs 2014 - Puur Anders at Ariadne at home | Inspire Styling journalwoonbeurs 2014 - Plint stand | Inspire Styling journal I had a great time at the Woonbeurs, especially because I saw a lot of my Instagram/Twitter friends. It's kind of like a game, to match the profile pictures with real life persons, but it's so cool to meet social media friends. And I had so much fun with Jurianne, Geertje, Imke (always present!) and her sister. I even ended up at a cocktail hour/reception/farewell party at the 101woonideeen home (so so sad they won't be there next year!!).

Woonbeurs 2014: Great networking, drinking, laughing, sharing stories and getting inspired! :)

♥ Anne