life lately: perfect autumn days

fresh homemade bread - annevanmidden on InstagramLife has been good lately. We are having a wonderful Indian Summer here in the Netherlands and I love seeing the first signs of Autumn in that gorgeous golden sunlight. The colors are changing, there are berries and rose hips all around and the market is overloaded with pumpkins. This is my season! 

All pictures are taken from my Instagram. My account is featured on both Teske de Schepper's website and on the vtwonen blog, yay!! For more snaps from my daily life, color inspiration, homemade bread experiments and all kinds of Autumn perfection, join the fun: @annevanmidden.autumn berries - annevanmidden on Instagramcampfire popcorn - annevanmidden on Instagramautumn colors - annevanmidden on Instagramsunday morning - annevanmidden on Instagramautumn breakfast - annevanmidden on Instagrammacrame workshop emily katz - annevanmidden on Instagram It will always be hard to be self-employed, but the beauty of everyday things help me to think positive. And of course, good talks with friends help too! The most important thing is: I still love what I do! That said.. if you need a stylist for your photoshoot, interior or wedding.. Don't hesitate to contact me! I would love to do some outdoor shoots and foodstyling projects this fall&winter!

♥ Anne

outdoor weddings, sunny days

forest wedding - styling by Anne van Midden/Inspire StylingWhen you plan your wedding, the big question always is: What will the weather be like? Especially if you have your mind set on an outdoor wedding, like most of my couples, it can be quite tricky. Although you should always opt for a plan B (hire a tent, go for a nature-like venue like a greenhouse or a barn), a lot of luck can do the trick.

Wedding season has started and until now, mother nature has been on our side! I have had two outdoor weddings, last week and the week before. Two weeks ago I set up this beautiful ceremony arch in a forest for sweet Hylkje&Sander, they got married after being together for 16 years. The day before and after was grey, rainy and horrible but Saturday the sun came out and everything was perfect!

Their wedding day was filled with family, love, personal touches, DIY projects and lots of lace. I saw a tiny preview of the photos Hanke Arkenbout made and let me tell you: They are gorgeous! (cliffhanger, sorry guys!)Kinfolk style wedding in a greenhouse - styling by Anne van Midden/Inspire Styling Last Thursday me and my assistant for two days Joëlle de Visser drove up to Groningen, for a Kinfolk style wedding on a beautiful location. We set up the ceremony on the waterside, with pollard willows as a natural backdrop. Cocktail hour looked like a high tea party in an English garden, the guests were walking around barefoot in a field filled with daisies. And dinner was served in a greenhouse covered with grape vines. So beautiful! Kinfolk style wedding in a greenhouse - styling by Anne van Midden/Inspire StylingKinfolk style wedding in a greenhouse - styling by Anne van Midden/Inspire Styling I hand-lettered all the 'Bon Appétit!' cards and the signs for the cake table. These personal elements are the perfect finishing touch for your tabletop. A great way to add a little extra or to say thank you to your guests. The eucalyptus branches are always a winner, they smell great, I can prep them the day before the wedding, as they stay in shape forever* and they are a match made in heaven for this Italian style set up.

*unless you are setting everything up in a greenhouse on the first tropical day of the year (in the Netherlands 30° degrees is a LOT), because the heat flattened them out. The candles melted too, so next time I will go for a more last minute approach. You live and learn ;) Kinfolk style wedding - styling by Anne van Midden/Inspire Styling Trust me, moving around heavy furniture and tree trunks is not something you want to do with this kind of weather. But a lot of water and a short break every now and then was all we needed to create a dream set-up for cuties Liza&Martin! Their entire wedding looked absolutely stunning (patting myself&Joëlle on the back now) and so did they! I can't wait to see the pictures Rox&San made and to show you more, like the ceremony, the super adorable ring bearer and of course the happy couple!!

See you soon! ♥ Anne

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