tiny adventures: greenhouse wanderers

greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalA few weeks ago, on my birthday, me and my love wandered through a small, old greenhouse in Utrecht. It was an Autumn day and although the leaves were turning yellow and red, the air was warm. Mother Nature made the most of the Indian Summer this year.

Strolling through greenhouses is my favorite thing to do, so if I know there is such a place in a city I visit I will look it up. I guess I'm not really a city-let's go shopping-kind of person. I used up the full percentage of my iPhone to shoot a lot of pictures, as I wasn't carrying my camera with me that day. So much beauty! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal These massive waterlillies (Victoria amazonica) are the show-stopper of the Oude Hortus. They are absoluty amazing, so delicate and strong at the same time. The leaves can grow up to 1,5 meters in Summer, worth checking out I would say! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal Even fallen bougainville petals have the most beautiful color! This is magenta at it's best! We tried to grow a bougainville in our garden, but the Dutch climate is way too harsh on this pretty Medditerranean plant. Adding to bucketlist: Spotting a bougainville in it's natural habitat! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal These little crawling plant was incredibly soft and airy, it felt like some sort of bouncy cloud. I actually petted this plant, very gently of course. Do not do this if you can't be careful! (PS: Look at our hands! They say: "We are married!" :) ) greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal I have been to Utrecht lots of times, but I never knew about this small gem in the city centre. The Oude Hortus is part of the Universiteitsmuseum, the entrance fee for just the greenhouse&garden is close to zero. The greenhouse itself isn't really that big, but the atmosphere is nice and the garden very pretty! The perfect place to escape the busy streets and shops. You can even take a break at the Gingko café, where they serve coffee, cake, lunch and wine. One of the oldest Ginkgo trees (250 years!) grows in this garden, hence the name.

Oh and we found out you can get married at this place! Can't wait till I can plan&style a wedding here!

If you happen to be in Utrecht, remember to visit this beautiful, calm place behind the Dick Bruna museum :)

♥ Anne

tiny adventures: tiny streets of Den Bosch

After some busy weeks working on the backstage room for Doornroosje I presented the finished room in the first week of September. I am super proud of how it turned out, it looks great! I can't wait to see it in use and hear what the artists think! 3voor12 Gelderland posted a small interview with all the designers on their website. The text is somewhat incorrect, but the short video is quite nice. Have a look if you want :) Last weekend Stefan and I had a weekend off and stayed at my aunt&uncle in Den Bosch. I love this town, it is beautiful, historic and there's lots of green. There is always something happening, it is alive and bubbly, people are friendly, generous and love to sit down to enjoy a long dinner. And this great place in the South has a cute bonus.. I keep finding confetti! :)flower confetti | Inspire Styling journal We walked around, explored all the tiny streets and alleys we could find, visited a medieval market and of course.. sat down with my family with a lot of good food and even more wine (oops.. I'm still feeling that one). But despite the Sunday hangover, it was a great weekend! street - Inspire Styling journalvine | Inspire Styling journalroses | Inspire Styling journalmedieval market, arrows - Inspire Styling journalowl, hawk | Inspire Styling journal Oh, those eyes.. he looks so cute and cuddly! Which he is not.. This was at the medieval market, some falconers showed off their gorgeous birds. There were a lot of owls and hawks, in all shapes and sizes. I loved all the patterns on their beautiful feathers! Usually medieval markets aren't really my thing, but they did a good job on this one. I was quite impressed with all the old furniture and props, the decor was very detailed. And well.. those owl eyes might have won me over.. :)flower pots | Inspire Styling journalyellow berries | Inspire Styling journalpainted wall | Inspire Styling journalstreetstyle | Inspire Styling journal This street was a dream.. the painted Gustav Klimt-like wall, all the flowers, cute houses, a community garden. We instantly started talking about moving here. Stefan took a 'streetstyle' picture of me, the visual proof I fit in perfectly here ;)

Btw.. how cute/amazing is my fluffy 'Big Bird' cardigan? I found it at a second hand store a couple of months ago (when it was 30 degrees), it's finally chilly enough to wear it! :) canal, Den Bosch | Inspire Styling journaldown by the water - Inspire Styling journalhollyhocks | Inspire Styling journalhollyhock flowers | Inspire Styling journal Stefan threw these fallen hollyhock flowers in the canal, thinking it would look really cool when they opened a bit. But they didn't fall pretty, just flat on the water.. A bit sad but the colours are beautiful! windowsill | Inspire Styling journalSt Jan cathedral, Den Bosch | Inspire Styling journalSt Jan cathedral, Den Bosch | Inspire Styling journal This beautiful ceiling belongs to the Saint Jans cathedral. It is a very impressive building! We never visit churches for religious reasons, because we don't believe anything, but I like the architecture of most old churches. And just look at those reflections on the wall!

If you don't know this town, you definitely should book a weekend someday! Den Bosch is the best place to shop, I especially love the little streets with vintage and local stores. And although the big square is super crowded on Saturdays, the flower&food market is great. I always buy flowers here to give to my aunt (Anna, I was named after her!), snowberries this time. There are a lot of great cultural things to do, like visiting the cathedral, joining a boat tour, or going to one of the many theatres&museums. If you don't feel like spending or doing a lot, do as we did.. just stroll around and enjoy all the pretty corners in this city! And take it easy on the wine ;)