still life paintings come alive for oh marie

oh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingOh my, on shoot days like last Tuesday I don't even know where to begin with counting my blessings! First of all, I headed towards an old toothpaste factory (our gorgeous shoot location) with a sea of flowers, vintage props and lots of botanical books and prints. Second, I got to work with one of my photo heroes, Melissa Milis, again. Beautiful Bertina was our model, we had an indoor shoot on a rainy day, talked about weddings during lunch and well.. the biggest blessing of all: we got these amazing results! 

For the editorial shoot of Oh Marie's new theme - Natural History - I felt inspired after seeing some still life paintings by Rachel Ruysch. That was what I wanted to do, bring those paintings to our century! In a new way, a more light and poetic way. I found the perfect backdrop in de Nieuwe Stad, a cool industrial place in Amersfoort. Exposed brick walls, cement floors and great light! Below some backstage pictures Melissa made during our shoot day. Amazing space right? They actually had to strip down the entire place, because those pretty bricks were covered up with boring white walls. Hard work pays off! oh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire styling This is me in my element.. surrounded by a sea of flowers. Give me shoots like this every day! If I ever get tired of being a stylist, I will definitely open a flower shop. Or maybe I'll do both, since it will take a looooooong time before I get sick of this ;) Hello, just look at these photos! I would have guessed this shoot would be good. But our little golden team did even better than I expected! I can't stop looking at them ♥ oh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire stylingoh marie - natural history / melissa milis photography / inspire styling Don't be sad, there is more! These were just some of my favorites. You can see the full story here or at the Oh Marie website. While you're there, check out the pretty downloadable wallpaper by Angels-Trumpet!

Enjoy! ♥ Anne

photography: Melissa Milis | model: Bertina Bartlett | concept: Anne van Midden | styling: Anne van Midden and Marlous Snijder | location: de Nieuwe Stad, Amersfoort

cold feet in a desert landscape

Tribe shoot for OhMarie Magazine | Photography by OAK&FIR | Styling by Inspire Styling&OhMarie MagazineToday I have a little behind the scenes action for you guys. Last week I styled the 'Tribe' themed photoshoot for the re-launch of OhMarie! Magazine. I came up with a desert/prairie/cowboy feeling and we found the perfect photographer in OAK&FIR and the perfect setting in these beautiful dunes. But the temperature was everything but desert-like.. it wasn't freezing (anymore), but with just 5 degrees celcius it was more like a desert night than day!

And oh my, our poor model Nikki had to pose barefeet, dressed in tiny shorts, in that cold, cold sand. But she kicked ass and although her fingers and legs were kind of blueish in the end, she looked gorgeous! It is always a delight to see your concept come alive, but with this bursting-of-talent-team, it was better than I could think of!

These photos are some Instagram pics from me and Marlous (OhMarie pack leader). The preview above is by Danique from OAK&FIR (don't you love her new brandname? It fits her work perfectly)behind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Styling behind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Stylingbehind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @ohmariemagbehind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Stylingbehind the scenes shoot - OhMarie - Tribe Team selfie! As you can see, I am not the most photogenic person in the world, with my eyes half closed and all. In my defense.. my head was half frozen! It's a good thing I am usually BEHIND the camera/scenes and not in front of it, haha ;)

I loved working on this shoot, we all know each other so working together was quite easy. We had a lot of fun, playing with puppies passing by, trying to cover up Nikki as she was changing her outfit in the middle of the dunes, lunching on the cold sand and laughing at ourselves.. we made quite the appearance, dragging big bags full of clothes and a vintage peacock chair along. Shootdays are the best!

I can't wait to see the story in OhMarie Magazine! ♥ Anne

unforgettable, amazing, wonderful 2014

sunset trampoline | Inspire Styling journalThere's no better way to end a year than jumping a tiny trampoline on the beach during a beautiful sunset :)

Most people started counting the hours, my husband is baking 'oliebollen' in the kitchen, kids are throwing fireworks everywhere (argh, my poor cat is flipping out!), the champagne is chilled and ready... 2015 is just around the corner!

Today I will share my highlights of the second half of 2014. You would think that after the wedding everything would be disappointing, like a hangover after a great party. Thankfully, I loved these last couple of months.. and it was quite hard to pick my autumn&winter favorites!! But here are my favorite moments of 2014.. part 2! my year in squares - autumn 2014 | Inspire Styling journal Autumn was the season of cool events.. It started with Snor festival (can't wait for the second edition!), Seinfestijn (where I hosted my first workshop, in making a moodboard) and of course good old Woonbeurs, where I met so much online friends in real life. If you want to get together for coffee and cake next year, feel free to send me a message!

And then there was Engaged, the most creative and original wedding fair in town. I attented it last year, as a bride-to-be and loved the vibe and vendors. So when Jamy asked me to design his stand for Engaged 2014, I was very excited! We had a great time, our bohemian/vintage stand looked smashing and I definitely will be there next year!

Speaking of weddings.. I launched Inspire Weddings at Engaged! Because I want to help couples by creating a personal, cool and unique wedding day. For all of you that want a wedding in the woods, a lake picnic, a bohemian love fest or maybe an elopement in the mountains..  feel free to contact me, I'm bursting with ideas :)

Another big part of the year was going places with Stefan. We dragged his family to the forest, visited an old greenhouse on my birthday, went to Songbird festival again and had a great weekend in Rotterdam, visiting the Aloha Bar (hello heaven!) and meeting up with old friends at the festival. I love our time together ♥my year in squares - winter 2014 | Inspire Styling journal Winter was the season of drinking tea, Christmas shoots, making plans, going to cold, windy beaches and spending time inside with lots of cat cuddles, sketchbooks and well.. Pinterest ;)

But it was also time to say goodbye to our sweet furry friend Kalare. He is in the Autumn collection, on the sweet picture Marlous made of him. He was suffering from a lot of things, after he got hit by a car 6 years ago. We gave him the best life possible and loved him to pieces, that short 7 years. But he was just in too much pain the last couple of months. It was the hardest thing I ever did, choosing to end the life of this friendly creature, our little guy. We cried for days after that visit to the vet. It is for the best, because Kalare is (pain)free now. We will miss him and love him forever. Even if that sounds like I am a crazy cat lady (proud to be).

Marlous took the picture of me and Nalu above as well, while she was here to brainstorm. Because somehow, over tea&cake, I ended up as her creative partner in crime for Oh Marie this year!! I must say, it's the best thing that ever happened to me over tea ;) Awesome Marlous and I have been making all kinds of plans since and we can't wait to get shooting, writing and collecting for our first issue! We will blow you all away early spring :)

Just before Christmas I got an early present: my first publication! The shoot I did with Hanke Arkenbout hit I couldn't be more proud of this amazing dark winter days shoot! And so, this year ended like it started.. A shoot with sweet Hanke, lots of new things and projects that involve insecurities and wobbly bits. But I feel way more confident than at the start of 2014. Because I have the support of the most talented people, a network with the best creatives in town and a whole bunch of sweet supporters! So this one is for you! dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot - photography by Hanke Arkenhout - styling by Anne van Midden - 2015 Your kind words, comments and likes always bring a smile to my face and mean the world to me. Because sometimes, when you work at home, it can get lonely and quiet. But with all those lovely people at the other side of my screen, I feel less alone. Thank you for all those nice moments this year! You have been wonderful! I hope to see a lot of you in 2015!

Have a magical new year, filled with love, happiness, friends, exciting new things and adventures!

Enjoy! ♥ Anne

goodbye to a magical year

It's almost 2015, time to look back at this year. It has been one hell of a ride! When 2014 started I just celebrated my company’s first birthday and still felt like a total rookie, business wise. I had to figure out what my ‘USP’ was, where in this giant pool of creatives I belong. I also jumped into this year with an engagement ring around my finger, making all kinds of plans with my love. One of them was my idea to illustrate my own wedding stationery. A lot of new things filled up my to do list and it felt a bit wobbly at first.

But then came the lazy Sunday shoot I did with Hanke Arkenbout, on the day we first met. (seriously: “Hi, I’m Anne.. this is my giant backpack with props”) The shoot turned out so good, I felt more confident I was on the right track. After that great start, the year flew by! I will show you my highlights, in tiny squares that represent each season. Let's start with spring! my year in squares - spring 2014 | Inspire Styling journal I spend most of my free time working like a crazy hermit on our save the dates and invitations. With every flower I painted I got happier.. and closer to a wrist injury (still handling that one). Totally worth it. In the weekends Stefan and I loaded up our firevan with all kinds of vintage tableware for the wedding. Total prepping-mode, we were on the roll! ;)

On a cold rainy day I created a gorgeous lookbook for Puur Anders, starring my sweet friend Margriet (looking stunning with ivy ranks all over her body) and photographed by Danique van Kesteren. When I downloaded the pictures I knew.. My USP is my love for nature. It is my neverending source of inspiration and a red thread in my best work. Nature, details and authenticity, that pretty much sums up what my work is (and what I am!) all about. I guess I found my place in the pool this year.

That month I spend more time with Danique, since we also had our engagement shoot our beautiful hometown. I never really shared the pictures, I should do that in 2015.. for those French fries alone! ;) my year in squares - summer 2014 | Inspire Styling journal And then summer finally came. Besides all the wedding stuff I made a lot of moodboards&sketches and searched for the most perfect furniture for a backstage room at Doornroosje Nijmegen. I met a lot of people online and found out that they all are even lovelier offline. I got the hang of Instagram, gave my website a little makeover and listened to Hankes tips about photography.

The times we weren’t thrifting or working, Stefan and I had our own little adventures. Picking blackberries, beachcombing, running into dreamy flowery fields, gazing at sunsets in Soestduinen, wandering in the woods.. or just strolling through Amersfoort.

But the biggest adventure we ever had was getting married! On the 28th of June we said our I do’s under the trees. It was the most amazing day, filled with family&friends, flowers, good food (thank you Femke&Eddy), homemade details, thrifted treasures, helping hands, magical moments and a lot of love!!  bohemian wedding in the woods | photo by 88forever | Inspire Styling So yeah, the first half of 2014 was pretty amazing! Tomorrow I will let you know if the second half can measure up.. :)

♥ Anne

something new at Engaged 2014

Engaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire StylingSometimes you have to try new things. Last year visiting Engaged with my fiancé was one of those things. We were a bit sceptic, because wedding fairs/events can be a bit dull and not really original. But we had to change our minds because of Engaged. It is the coolest wedding event in the Netherlands, with a lot of creative and stylish vendors that understand the beauty of a bohemian/vintage/outdoor wedding. We spoke to a lot of talented people last year and got some interesting contacts out of it. It was a great day, nothing to be sceptic about!

This year, my colleague/videographer Jamy (Life from the Inside) tried something new: Enter as a vendor for Engaged 2014!  He asked me to design&style his stand and we ended up in a cool co-op stand together. We promoted each other with flyers, stories and of course with our wedding video.. which played on loop all day, so I saw it about 50 times ;) Jamy and I made a great team, I am really happy he asked my help and love how 'our' stand looked! Engaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire StylingEngaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire Styling The theme for Engaged was 'winter wonderland', but without the polarbears and fake snow ;) The theme worked out great! There were string lights, wooden blocks and rustic settings all over the event.

My concept for Jamy's stand was to really bring out a vintage, bohemian style, with a masculine touch. No pink or pastel for us, but a warm, forest cabin feel with plaid blankets, wooden furniture and glowing gold accents. It was the perfect match between both of our styles and the theme for the event. It was our little living room, so everyone could sit and watch Jamy's work feeling comfortable and welcome! Engaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire StylingEngaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire StylingEngaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire Styling We had so much fun all day with our 'neighbors': Eva from La Nou Nou and Jasper from SayKaas! Then again, all the vendors were super sweet and talented and it was really nice to meet the people behind the hashtags! ;) Engaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire Styling Engaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire StylingEngaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire StylingEngaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire Styling Engaged 2014 - Life from the Inside | Styling by Inspire Styling I am proud of our stand, all the accessoires fitted right in and the chalkboard turned out really cool! And most important, Jamy was very excited about what I did :) If you are interested in a custom made design for a stand or interior, feel free to contact me!

We can look back at an amazing Engaged weekend! We had fun setting everything up the day before, talked to a lot of interesting people, made some couples very happy with our ideas and thoughts about their plans and went home feeling satisfied (and tired!).

It was a great day, thanks to Judith&Boaz for organising it all and taking care of all the vendors. We'll see you next year! :)

And above all, thank you to all the visitors!! You were the best!

♥ Anne