tiny signs of spring and a vintage cabinet

life lately, feb2015 - @annevanmidden on instagramCan you smell it? Spring is in the air! I love the tiny signs of change everywhere! Fresh tulips at the flowermarket, little pop of colours in mostly grey gardens, rays of sun through my windows.. Spring is coming!

I have been working on the weddings of some lovely couples, so I am all over Pinterest these days. Collecting ideas and searching for the best tableware, props and materials. These weddings are going to be so good! Small hints: elegant, bohemian and forest weddings! :)  My husband is quite suspicious about it all, because in his eyes all I do is meeting super nice people, eating cake, drinking tea and chatting away (on the phone), for hours and hours, even on a Friday night.. "How is this work?" Pure envy, I'm sure!

Anyway, here are some bits and pieces from my daily life in February. I was enjoying our home a lot, worked on the big pile of deadlines for Oh Marie! and admired all the colours at the flower market. I didn't buy them, because flowers tend to die really quickly in our house. I love nature, but I guess the feeling isn't really mutual. Maybe I will give it a try next week. I also cuddled my sisters enormous cat on her 25th birthday (my sisters! I mean.. a 25 year old cat? Really?) and had a fun day in Amersfoort with sweet friend Marloes. Yes, cakes were involved. And she drew that awesome quote on our toilet door!!

But most of all: I gazed at my new precious vintage treasure, a gorgeous cabinet that replaced an old white cheapo thing in our living room. I love it!! I have been working at the dinner table ever since we got it, because I like the view more than my workspace view ;) Picture after the tulips! :) collected, Inspire Styling home | @annevanmidden on instagramflowermarket | @annevanmidden on instagramvintage cabinet, Inspire Styling home | @annevanmidden on instagram kitty | @annevanmidden on instagramProcessed with VSCOcam with x1 preset Told you.. enormous cat. According to her human slaves, my sis&her boyfriend, she is on a diet and eats hardly anything. Well yeah.. maybe not at her own house.. ;)

Cuddle away! ♥ Anne