enjoying some time in the sun

summer flowers sun spring golden hour | Inspire Styling blogOooh, I love these sunny spring days! Today even felt like summer! I decided to take it easy so I spend a lot of time chilling in our garden, soaking up the sun before the rainy days will start again ;)

I hate the saying "I'm so busy" because I think people use it just to sound interesting. But now I really am busy, the best kind of busy.. because wedding season is starting! Yay, can't wait! I can hear my couples getting more nervous every day, but don't worry guys, everything will be great :)

If you want me to (plan&)style your wedding, don't wait too long with contacting me, my calender is filling up. I have room for 1 or 2 summer weddings and look forward to your fall&winter plans! Mail me at weddings [at] inspirestyling.com or give me a call!

Speak to you soon and enjoy the sun! :) ♥ Anne

tiny adventures: golden hour between the trees

golden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling blogThis Easter weekend my love and I went to Texel. For those who have missed it, my husband is born on this island in the North Sea and his family still lives there. So every family visit is a weekend away, which is lovely. To have that true mini holiday feeling we always try to get out, just the two of us. To our favorite forest, heathland or the beach or course. I love the peace I find there every time. I can hear Stefan laughing about this sentence, because most of the time I get really excited about the beach. There is something in that salty air that makes my head go bananas! ;)

Last Saturday we sat inside at my father in laws and I saw that gorgeous sunlight through the window. I made Stefan get up instantly, we jumped in the car and chased the sun. They don't call it golden hour for nothing, it doesn't last forever! I actually ran some bits to make sure I could catch the last light of that beautiful sunny day. And I don't run. Period. It was worth it the exception! Time for me to prove it.. Enjoy :) golden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour texel - Inspire Styling blog24golden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling bloggolden hour between the trees | Inspire Styling blog It doesn't look like a flat Dutch island at all, does it? I'm in love with this place and this light! :)

♥ Anne

loveshoot Amersfoort: fries in a postcard town

loveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogThis year flew by so fast! On April 2nd 2014 my (then) fiancé and I walked out with the sun on our heads to do a loveshoot in our beloved Amersfoort with sweet Danique from OAK & FIR. Yesterday, April 2nd 2015, there was hail, storm and rain all morning. Mweh.

I realized I never shared this loveshoot, because I used it for our wedding giveaways and I didn't want to give it all away (how ironic). But I really want to share these photos with you, I am so proud and so happy when I look at them. We are 100% Anne&Stefan, not trained models or anything. I hate my hunchback posture in some photos, Stefan hates that he has his hand in his pocket on almost every shot, but we look beautiful, happy and in love so none of that matters!

And what is a better backdrop for a couple in love than the pretty postcard town centre of Amersfoort? The place I grew up, the place we met, where we live together and spend our free time. I can not fall OUT of love with this city, so we will probably be here for a while. (Uhm, until we find a countryhouse with a big garden ;)) We ate fries & icecream, had smoothies & coffee and had the best time with each other and with Danique. We just walked around, showed her all our favorite places and she captured us just the way we are. The results: A gorgeous loveshoot and a really cool 'tour de Amersfoort' booklet (design&illustrations by yours truly) for our wedding guests!

Danique did share some pictures last year, so you might regconize them from her website. Oh well, I have seen them a hunderd times and still love them. So sit back, prepare for a HUGE pile of happy couple pictures and enjoy!loveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blog loveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blog loveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blog loveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blog loveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blogloveshoot in Amersfoort - Anne+Stefan - photo by OAK&FIR - Inspire Styling blog Don't we look cute and lovey-dovey? Doing a loveshoot is super awkward and weird, especially if you are used to work at the other side of the camera, like me. But it is so worth feeling silly! It is what makes it personal, so any photographer would love a little silly :) And you don't have to do a shoot in a public place, you can go to the forest with your love or another more off-beat place. Somewhere you both feel comfortable. But do it!

Remember, if you need advice on what to wear or picking a location.. just ask me and I will help you out! :)

Enjoy! ♥ Anne


from tajine to pizza: 6 vegetarian food blogs

Warning: This post can cause some serious cravings. So grab some snacks, keep your grocery list close and enjoy!

6 favorite vegetarian food blogs: For worldy, colourful and tasteful recipes

Why these blogs? Because they excell in photography, foodstyling and recipes! On these website you will find recipes that make me very happy, so expect a lot of worldy flavours, avocado, sweet potato, chickpeas and nuts. Almost every blog is 100% vegetarian of even vegan.

We actually almost never eat fish or meat anymore, ever since our WWF expedition to Borneo, where we saw what our modern consumer lifestyle does to the earth and it's habitants. We now only eat biological meat or fish, maybe once a month, at the most.

After our honeymoon to Costa Rica (promise: pictures will come sooooon!) we started with weekly menu's. This probably sounds very old fashioned, but I love those slow Saturday mornings lookings for recipes together. And we cook and eat with a lot more love and care now, we try to buy seasonal veggies only and visit the farmers market and the greengrocer a lot more. No more perfect shiny greens from the supermarket! (I mean, why? You're eating them anyway). I kind of hate to say cliché things, but I feel so much better now we are eating better! And I have never enjoyed my meals more :) (bonus: they look gorgeous!) dolly and oatmeal - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog One of my new favorites is Dolly and Oatmeal. Last week I made Lindsey's pink quinoa salad, with oven roasted beets, blood orange and a chimichurri dressing. And oooh my, that was so good!! Chimichurri sounds pretty exotic, but is so easy to make! I served the salad with a wholegrain French bread and dipped that in that dressing. A great (vegan) alternative for good old pesto!!

As a stylist I get really picky about how food looks, more than the average foodie I guess. But that pink and green salad totally passed!! So pretty :) Actually, all the recipes on these 6 blogs are perfectly photographed and styled!! the first mess - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog The First Mess is a website that never lets me down. Whenever I need inspiration, I find it here. I don't think I will stop cooking until I have tried everything Laura comes up with! You can easily fill a dozen weekly menu's with this one (trust me). And.. this has nothing to do with cooking but everything with relating to a blogger.. I love her about page photo! It makes me happy :)green kitchen stories - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog Always a winner: Green Kitchen Stories, a very popular blog, even by non-vegetarians (labels are just labels).  The photography and styling are amazing, for the pictures alone their two cookbooks (the Green Kitchen and the Green Kitchen Travels) are on the top of my wishlist food bandits - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog A Dutch blog, which I only recently discovered. Untill today I have seen nothing but really nice stories and beautiful photos, so I am hooked! Food Bandits excells in sweet (vegan) baking recipes and 'messy' styling. And I love the texts by 'woman behind the pineapple' aka Suus, she has a very fun tone of voice. The Morning Rituals series are wonderful to read, they make you dream of lazy Sunday mornings with coffee and bread fresh from the oven. my new roots - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog Sarah of My New Roots is a 'whole food eater', which basicly means she doens't let processed food with lots of junk ingredients in her kitchen. (insert applause here) Maybe whole food sounds really lame and boring, but there is nothing lame about those overwhelming coloured bowls, all the comfort food and 'the best coconutsoup ever' (or so she claims, I haven't tried it yet ;))! krautkopf - 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog The best thing about Krautkopf (well, second best.. after their English blog), is how easy you can search by season. That is the best thing you can do anyway, eat with the seasons, nothing has to be flown in from across the world and everything tastes so much better! Come one, those watery strawberries from Egypt in the Winter or fresh, juicy strawberries from your own backyard on a warm Summer day? I dare you to pick the first! Same things about veggies.. remember, there's is more to life than brocolli and tomatoes people! 6 vegetarische kookblogs - Inspire Styling blog Hungry yet? I warned you! I had a delicious lunch while writing this, but I can hear my stomach roar already :)

What are your favorites recipes or (vegetarian) food blogs? Share them with me and other readers in the comments below! I can't wait to discover even more food inspiration!

Have a lovely weekend! ♥ Anne

*dives into her kitchen cabinets to find a yummy snack*

rock your wedding: 11x kristallen op je bruiloft

photo by love is a big dealplacecards, photo by Love is a Big Deal

Er zit een winkeltje hier in Amersfoort, Tara Boeddha, waar ze allerlei kristallen en edelstenen verkopen. Voor mij een snoepwinkel, met al die mooie kleurtjes en glimmende dingen. Ik heb een keer voor bijna 50 euro (!) aan kristallen gekocht voor een project. Deze liggen ze nu te shinen in een mooi schaaltje op de kast. En al die 'raw quartz' sieraden vind ik echt prachtig! Maar wist je dat kristallen het ook verrassend goed doen op je bruiloft? Je kunt de kleuren als inspiratie gebruiken, de stenen zelf als decoratie, haarsieraad of in de styling gebruiken op de tafels. Kristallen zijn hot! (De ruwe variant, niet de Disney prinsessen variant ;))

Daarom heb ik 11 ideeën verzameld om kristallen, geodes en edelstenen op een mooie manier te verwerken op jouw bruiloft. Deze trend is perfect voor bruidsparen die op zoek zijn een stoere, bohemian sfeer en niet bang zijn voor een beetje kleur! Raw Crystal Necklaces - Layered and Long - Etsy raw crystal necklaces, photo by Layered and Long, via Etsy

Rock your wedding: 11 ideeën voor kristallen op jouw bruiloft
1. Alle kleuren van de regenboog

Door edelstenen en kristallen krijg je spontaan keuzestress, in zoveel mooie kleuren en tinten zijn ze te vinden. Laat je niet gek maken en gebruik bijvoorbeeld smaragdgroen, amethistpaars en amber als inspiratie voor jullie trouwdag. Gecombineerd met gouden (vintage) accessoires krijgen deze kleuren een prachtige warme uitstraling.

Ga eens kijken in een winkel waar ze kristallen verkopen en neem kleine stukjes mee van de soorten die jou aanspreken. Je kunt deze gebruiken in een 3D moodboard, wat je kunt maken om jouw droomsfeer weer te geven. Niet iedereen is goed met beelden, soms is een sfeer met materialen en kleuren makkelijker. Ik kan daar als stylist heel goed aan zien wat jij zoekt en bedoelt, zonder dat je ook maar één tijdschriftknipsel hoeft te scheuren. Handig! Vergeet trouwens niet om de steentjes te bewaren, deze kun je prima gebruiken als decoratie van bijvoorbeeld de tafelsetting of als (onderdeel van) een giveaway!painters palette wedding - Love Me Do Photography painters palette wedding, photo by Love Me Do Photography

2. Vergeet die diamanten, kristallen zijn a girls best friend!

Gouden trouwringen te saai voor je? Ga voor een ring met een steentje! En dan geen shiny diamant, maar een ongepolijst stuk kristal. Diamonds zijn misschien a girls best friend, maar deze kanjers zijn origineel, stoer én vrouwelijk! (overigens heeft het bruidspaar van deze foto uiteindelijk tattooringen genomen, maar deze pré-ringen zijn wat betreft een blijvertje!) Zoek bijvoorbeeld op Etsy op 'raw crystal ring', dan vind je veel mooie exemplaren! Wedding Invitation - KesomaDesign wedding invitation, design by KesomaDesign, via Etsy

3. Zet de toon met een uitnodiging om in te lijsten

Je geeft je gasten meteen een goede indruk van hoe jullie dag eruit gaat zien met een knallende paarse uitnodiging. Geen fan van paars? Ren terug naar die edelstenen winkel om meer kleurinspiratie op te doen!

Kristallen combineren perfect met geometrische vormen en moderne lettertypes, maar voor een meer romantische uitstraling kun je altijd terugvallen op sierlijke kalligrafie. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld ook op marmer geïnspireerde patronen gebruiken. Genoeg inspiratie voor jou of voor de vormgever! gemstones hairpiece - bridal shoot - photo by Mackensey Alexander gemstones bridal hairpiece, photo by Mackensey Alexander

4. Geen tiara of sluier, maar een haarsieraad van edelstenen

Geen fan van de klassieke sluiers of tiara's? Ga voor een haarsieraad van edelstenen! Elegant, feestelijk, maar ook stoer. Omdat het nogal een zoektocht kan zijn in Nederland is het sneller om zelf zoiets te maken. Bij kralenwinkels kun je vaak ook edelsteentjes vinden die al voorgeboord zijn. Als je deze aan een leren koord rijgt kun je makkelijk zelf een haarband maken. Toch liever iets kopen? Op Etsy heb ik de shop van Belle Atlanta gevonden, zij verkoopt oa schuifspeldjes met kristallen erop. Niet alleen voor een bruiloft prachtig! :) Mackensey Alexander - flowers rustic wedding bouquet, photo by Mackensey Alexander

5. Kristallen en een bohemian bruiloft zijn elkaar beste vrienden

Echt, een betere combinatie is er eigenlijk niet. Ruwe kristallen en edelstenen passen perfect bij dat fijne bohemian sfeertje. Houten tafels, wildbloemen, een family style diner en edelstenen als persoonlijke details. Op de foto is het niet heel goed te zien, maar er is een band van kristallen gemaakt om het bohemian boeket bij elkaar te houden. Ook zonder deze stenen is het een boeket wat heel goed combineert bij deze trend. Stoere, wilde bloemen, die eruit zien alsof ze op een prairie geplukt zijn. Protea's (de grote rode bloemen) zijn altijd goed voor een bohemian touch en hebben die woestijnachtige uitstraling. Denk aan vergrijsde tinten als basis voor zo'n 'woestijn'boeket. Photography Jonas Peterson pink Jenny Packham dress, photo by Jonas Peterson

6. Bling bling jurk? Move over Assepoester!

Denk je bij bling bling aan een overdosis van glimmende diamanten en chique kroonluchters? Categorie Assepoester? Deze trend is de perfecte gelegenheid om je blik te verbreden. Bling bling hoeft niet super prinsesserig te zijn! De bruid in deze foto geeft haar gekleurde Jenny Packham jurk zelfs een ruig randje, mede dankzij haar mooie tattoo. De jurk, in een bijna transparant roze, wat doet denken aan rosekwarts, is een elegant statement en een subtiele verwijzing naar de trend. Zonder jezelf vol te hangen met edelstenen, want dat is ook zo wat (zo waar ook!). Iets voor jou? Kijk naar jurken met kraaltjes of pailetten, bijvoorbeeld op BHLDN of vraag het gewoon aan je lokale bruidsmodezaak. Je weet maar nooit :) (geloof me, ik spreek uit ervaring)wedding cake with amethyst details - photo by Taylor Lord wedding cake with amethysts, photo by Taylor Lord

7. Geef je bruidstaart een make-over

Denk hierboven de kristallen weg en je ziet alleen nog een bruidstaart met eenvoudig wit glazuur (mooi, dat wel!). Zoveel heb je dus niet nodig om een knaller van een bruidstaart neer te zetten. Geef met mooie geodes (steen vol kristallen) als taarttoppers die eenvoudige taart een snelle make-over! Laat je de taart maken of is iemand in je omgeving handig met bakken? Zorg dan voor het verrassingseffect en vraag om een gekleurde binnenkant. Net als bij geodes is de taart dan simpel van buiten, maar één groot feestje van binnen. rock candy quartz cupcakes - Mackensey Alexander rock candy quartz cupcakes, photo by Mackensey Alexander

8. Kandijsuiker anno 2015

Mijn oma had vroeger altijd kandijsuiker, wat ik zowel hopeloos fascinerend als überduf vond. Maar als ik deze foto zie van cupcakes bedekt met gekleurd kandijsuiker, neig ik toch meer naar het fascinerende dan het duffe. En dat terwijl ik cupcakes over het algemeen schuw, de herinneringen aan knalroze glazuur en zilveren parels zijn niet uit te wissen. Deze cupcakes zijn echter helemaal 2015 proof en hier ben ik zelfs fan van! Zeg nou zelf, dit ziet er toch super tof uit? Sarah Maren Photographers via FlourishDesigns rock candy, photo by Sarah Maren Photographers via FlourishDesigns

Nog een manier om kandijsuiker te gebruiken: de good old kandijsuiker roerstokjes! Bij de glazen, bovenop een mooi linnen servet als decoratie op de borden, bij de menukaartjes, als zoete giveaway, aan de naamkaartjes op tafel.. Eindeloze mogelijkheden!Photography Michelle Lyerly geodes tablesetting, photo by Michelle Lyerly

9. Pak uit met een tafel vol geodes, kleur en gouden accessoires

Combineer rustieke houten tafels met chique vintage gouden accessoires, glazen en vaasjes in edelsteen kleuren en wildbloemen voor een elegante bohemian uitstraling. Als finishing touch bovenop de borden kies je natuurlijk voor kristallen of geodes. En eventueel een mooi takje, hier rozemarijn, of vetplantje. Extra accessoires zouden geometrische glazen doosjes kunnen zijn, of bruine apothekersflessen waar je de bloemen in zet. Deze trend geeft je geen enkele reden om in te houden! lovesplendor-vowrenewal-Braedon Photography1 Vow renewal, photo by Braedon PhotographyMr. Haack Photography - cream event cream event, photo by Mr. Haack Photography

10. Epische backdrop van geode plakken

Geode plakken worden vaak gebruikt om souvenirs van te maken, of als presse papier in een kantoorruimte, maar je kunt er epische backdrops mee maken. En met episch bedoel ik ook echt episch, kijk nou naar de prachtige kleuren van deze slingers en dit 'gordijn' van geode plakken. Stel je voor dat je hiervoor je jawoord mag zeggen tegen jouw grote liefde, wat een prachtplaatje moet dat zijn! Ik zou in ieder geval zeker een gat in de lucht springen als ik zoiets voor één van mijn bruidsparen mag creëren!

Het is wel even iets anders dan een bloemenslinger of een vintage kamerscherm, maar als je niet bang bent om een statement te maken en volop in de aandacht te staan, overweeg dan zeker om te trouwen voor een wand van kristallen! Leanne and Dave - photo by Lara Hotz Leanne and Dave, photo by Lara Hotz

11. Voor echte 'rockers': Trouwen tussen de rotsen!

Ga terug naar de geboortegrond van al die mooie kristallen en zoek een grote rotswand als backdrop. Ik hoor je denken.. "Euhm, Anne, in Nederland hebben we niet van die gave rotsen hoor!" Helaas, dat klopt! Op wat grotten in Limburg na hebben we hier niet echt veel opties, daarvoor moeten jullie naar het buitenland. Maar wie weet is dit voor jou een mogelijkheid en dan is dit wel heel erg gaaf toch?! Zie het als een soort bonusidee :)

Ben je op zoek naar iets specifieks, heb je vragen of kom je nog ideeën tekort komen.. mail gerust naar weddings@inspirestyling.com! En laat in de comments weten wat je van deze trend vind! Iets voor jou of juist helemaal niet?

Fijn weekend! ♥ Anne

Meer bruiloft inspiratie vind je hier!

Oh Marie is back in town!

Oh Marie launch party - @ohmariemag on instagramOh Marie! Magazine is back again! Marlous and I launched the new website this Sunday, in the company of our little tribe of bloggers, photographers, illustrators and other creatives. We had a lot of fun at the launch party and I loved meeting and talking to a lot of online friends. Applause for the tribal outfits, I saw some awesome combinations! I think we can all agree Vera Bertens 'indian cats' sweater ruled the place!

I never expected to recieve gifts, but my table is filled up with presents, sweet cards and a LOT of Tony's chocolate bars now. And I must say, you guys know the art of giftwrapping! So much pretty packages, it felt like my birthday :)

Speaking of birthdays.. Nikki&Lisa rocked the cakes table with their heavenly creations! I took home 3 plates filled with leftovers, so I am probably have to take a detox month in April (remember that pile of chocolate..) Sugarrrr overload! ;) Oh Marie launch party - @annevanmidden on instagramOh Marie launch party - @annevanmidden on instagram Oh Marie launch party - @immerurlaub on instagram It was a lot of work to finish everything for this deadline but we nailed it! Marlous and Casper took care of the website, while I worked on the launch party. I never take the easy way, so I wrapped up 50 tiny cactusses (autsj), made stamps to customize the napkins&menucards, collected caketoppers, plates and glasses, created macramé planthangers&wall hangings and made flavoured water/lemonade (in my brand new taps that kept on leaking). Marlous and I transformed the little greenhouse at DRUK into a desert like tribal heaven in under 2 hours. And it looked great!

I am so proud of everything we did already and I can't wait to do so much more for Oh Marie! Marlous wrote something on the website that explains how I feel about it too: Oh Marie! is like coming home. A home where creative people can find each other, where you are not weird or and exception, but part of a family. And I couldn't be happier with my new place in this amazing family! *add a thousands smiles here*

♥ Anne

PS: Anki already wrote a blogpost on Zilverblauw about the launch, with some pretty pictures you want to see! :)

instagram photos: portrait by Lonneke via @ohmariemag, styling details @annevanmidden, greenhouse photo by Ellen via @immerurlaub

pulling all the strings for Oh Marie..

macrame wallhanging work in progress | Inspire Styling..in a quite literal way! This is a macramé wall hanging in progress, the first I ever made.

I am really surprised by how easy this is to make! I have three of them ready now, waiting for their 5 minutes of fame at the Oh Marie! launch party. Because a party needs decoration and our TRIBE party needed some boho touches. Hence the knotted wall hangings. And a lot of succulents! Our living room looks like a seventies sun room (aka Instagram heaven!), haha!

Only two more days! Marlous and I are drowning in a pool of deadlines and neverending to do lists, but we are more excited than stressed out and can't wait to show you the new site! We are super proud of our header and invitation, illustrated by the fabulous and talented Mouni Feddag. She makes the most amazing work and was more than happy to create a tribal piece for us. You should check out her other work, I love her version of Charlie&the Chocolate Factory and adore the Columbia Road flower market illustration! Oh Marie Tribe - launch party prep | Inspire Styling I tried to make some tribal patterns myself, but didn't really like the final result. I had some troubles scanning the waterpaint, all the colours seem to fade away as soon as I put it in Photoshop. Bummer. Oh well, you can't be great at everything, can you? (it's a process, I am learning..) I do like this iPhone photo I took of my sketches :) Oh Marie Tribe - launch party prep | Inspire Styling Oh Marie Tribe - launch party prep | Inspire Styling My favorite place to go prop-shopping (besides our local thrift store) is the always amazing garden centre Eurofleur. I can not leave without plants here, they make me want to turn my home into a botanical garden. These colorful guys didn't make it to my shopping cart..  but a lot of other things did. Boom! It's a cliffhanger, because I am not sharing everything!

If you are curious about more launch party details join our tribe at #ohmarietribe on Instagram! And don't forget to check the Oh Marie! website this Sunday for the reveal!!

Feel inspired? If you want to create a wall hanging yourself, I have used this tutorial from Free People as a starter. After I learned the basics, I experimented with different patterns. I will post more photos after the launch!

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥ Anne

lazy sunday mornings: happy weekend!

lazy sunday mornings - happy weekend | Hanke Arkenbout Photography | Anne/Inspire StylingFriday afternoon.. almost weekend! What are your plans for this weekend? In the Netherlands there is some sweet spring weather coming, are you going to the woods or the beach? Or having a lazy day inside? Feel free to share if you want!

I have been reflecting on my own work&website a lot lately and am thinking about a little restyle. My mind is already bursting with ideas! But those plans have to wait a while, because we are re-launching Oh Marie! Magazine next week. And that means.. deadlines, shopping for party decoration, some deadlines, filling up an entire website, taking a break to look at cute kitten videos, more deadlines.. Ah well, you know what they say: If you love what you do, you don't have to work another day in your life! :)

Have a lovely weekend dear readers!! ♥ Anne

*photo by Hanke Arkenbout Photography from our 'lazy sunday' styled shoot*

tiny signs of spring and a vintage cabinet

life lately, feb2015 - @annevanmidden on instagramCan you smell it? Spring is in the air! I love the tiny signs of change everywhere! Fresh tulips at the flowermarket, little pop of colours in mostly grey gardens, rays of sun through my windows.. Spring is coming!

I have been working on the weddings of some lovely couples, so I am all over Pinterest these days. Collecting ideas and searching for the best tableware, props and materials. These weddings are going to be so good! Small hints: elegant, bohemian and forest weddings! :)  My husband is quite suspicious about it all, because in his eyes all I do is meeting super nice people, eating cake, drinking tea and chatting away (on the phone), for hours and hours, even on a Friday night.. "How is this work?" Pure envy, I'm sure!

Anyway, here are some bits and pieces from my daily life in February. I was enjoying our home a lot, worked on the big pile of deadlines for Oh Marie! and admired all the colours at the flower market. I didn't buy them, because flowers tend to die really quickly in our house. I love nature, but I guess the feeling isn't really mutual. Maybe I will give it a try next week. I also cuddled my sisters enormous cat on her 25th birthday (my sisters! I mean.. a 25 year old cat? Really?) and had a fun day in Amersfoort with sweet friend Marloes. Yes, cakes were involved. And she drew that awesome quote on our toilet door!!

But most of all: I gazed at my new precious vintage treasure, a gorgeous cabinet that replaced an old white cheapo thing in our living room. I love it!! I have been working at the dinner table ever since we got it, because I like the view more than my workspace view ;) Picture after the tulips! :) collected, Inspire Styling home | @annevanmidden on instagramflowermarket | @annevanmidden on instagramvintage cabinet, Inspire Styling home | @annevanmidden on instagram kitty | @annevanmidden on instagramProcessed with VSCOcam with x1 preset Told you.. enormous cat. According to her human slaves, my sis&her boyfriend, she is on a diet and eats hardly anything. Well yeah.. maybe not at her own house.. ;)

Cuddle away! ♥ Anne

cold feet in a desert landscape

Tribe shoot for OhMarie Magazine | Photography by OAK&FIR | Styling by Inspire Styling&OhMarie MagazineToday I have a little behind the scenes action for you guys. Last week I styled the 'Tribe' themed photoshoot for the re-launch of OhMarie! Magazine. I came up with a desert/prairie/cowboy feeling and we found the perfect photographer in OAK&FIR and the perfect setting in these beautiful dunes. But the temperature was everything but desert-like.. it wasn't freezing (anymore), but with just 5 degrees celcius it was more like a desert night than day!

And oh my, our poor model Nikki had to pose barefeet, dressed in tiny shorts, in that cold, cold sand. But she kicked ass and although her fingers and legs were kind of blueish in the end, she looked gorgeous! It is always a delight to see your concept come alive, but with this bursting-of-talent-team, it was better than I could think of!

These photos are some Instagram pics from me and Marlous (OhMarie pack leader). The preview above is by Danique from OAK&FIR (don't you love her new brandname? It fits her work perfectly)behind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Styling behind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Stylingbehind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @ohmariemagbehind the scenes OhMarie Tribe shoot | photo by @annevanmidden | Inspire Stylingbehind the scenes shoot - OhMarie - Tribe Team selfie! As you can see, I am not the most photogenic person in the world, with my eyes half closed and all. In my defense.. my head was half frozen! It's a good thing I am usually BEHIND the camera/scenes and not in front of it, haha ;)

I loved working on this shoot, we all know each other so working together was quite easy. We had a lot of fun, playing with puppies passing by, trying to cover up Nikki as she was changing her outfit in the middle of the dunes, lunching on the cold sand and laughing at ourselves.. we made quite the appearance, dragging big bags full of clothes and a vintage peacock chair along. Shootdays are the best!

I can't wait to see the story in OhMarie Magazine! ♥ Anne

back in town after our honeymoon in Costa Rica

Anne van Midden - Cahuita, Costa Rica honeymoonBack in town, so back to real life! With a heart filled with green leaves, tropical birds, colorful flowers, the most beautiful butterflies, Costa Rica towns and new friends, it's time to get started again. I am so happy to be working on a lot of fun projects, so it doesn't hurt as much to say goodbye to our honeymoon and hello to real life!

I have a LOT of photos to sort out and some videos Stefan made with his GoPro... but I will be back with a report of our wonderful trip! It was sooo good! :) ♥

Have a great monday! ♥ Anne

honeymoon a go go! leaving for Costa Rica

Borneo rainforest - Anne van MiddenI took this photo during our WNF trip to Borneo, 3 years ago. It was my first and only trip overseas and it was amazing. I have been dreaming about these green leaves ever since and am just in love with all those shades of green!

This photo is a little reminder: I will be travelling through Costa Rica this month. If you send me an email/message, I will answer it when I get back. So if you don't hear anything.. it's not you, it's me! (honeymoon and work are like oil and water, you can't mix them!) :)

Follow me on instagram for updates and 'happy couple on a tropical beach/I hate you' photos! ;) @annevanmidden

♥ Anne

unforgettable, amazing, wonderful 2014

sunset trampoline | Inspire Styling journalThere's no better way to end a year than jumping a tiny trampoline on the beach during a beautiful sunset :)

Most people started counting the hours, my husband is baking 'oliebollen' in the kitchen, kids are throwing fireworks everywhere (argh, my poor cat is flipping out!), the champagne is chilled and ready... 2015 is just around the corner!

Today I will share my highlights of the second half of 2014. You would think that after the wedding everything would be disappointing, like a hangover after a great party. Thankfully, I loved these last couple of months.. and it was quite hard to pick my autumn&winter favorites!! But here are my favorite moments of 2014.. part 2! my year in squares - autumn 2014 | Inspire Styling journal Autumn was the season of cool events.. It started with Snor festival (can't wait for the second edition!), Seinfestijn (where I hosted my first workshop, in making a moodboard) and of course good old Woonbeurs, where I met so much online friends in real life. If you want to get together for coffee and cake next year, feel free to send me a message!

And then there was Engaged, the most creative and original wedding fair in town. I attented it last year, as a bride-to-be and loved the vibe and vendors. So when Jamy asked me to design his stand for Engaged 2014, I was very excited! We had a great time, our bohemian/vintage stand looked smashing and I definitely will be there next year!

Speaking of weddings.. I launched Inspire Weddings at Engaged! Because I want to help couples by creating a personal, cool and unique wedding day. For all of you that want a wedding in the woods, a lake picnic, a bohemian love fest or maybe an elopement in the mountains..  feel free to contact me, I'm bursting with ideas :)

Another big part of the year was going places with Stefan. We dragged his family to the forest, visited an old greenhouse on my birthday, went to Songbird festival again and had a great weekend in Rotterdam, visiting the Aloha Bar (hello heaven!) and meeting up with old friends at the festival. I love our time together ♥my year in squares - winter 2014 | Inspire Styling journal Winter was the season of drinking tea, Christmas shoots, making plans, going to cold, windy beaches and spending time inside with lots of cat cuddles, sketchbooks and well.. Pinterest ;)

But it was also time to say goodbye to our sweet furry friend Kalare. He is in the Autumn collection, on the sweet picture Marlous made of him. He was suffering from a lot of things, after he got hit by a car 6 years ago. We gave him the best life possible and loved him to pieces, that short 7 years. But he was just in too much pain the last couple of months. It was the hardest thing I ever did, choosing to end the life of this friendly creature, our little guy. We cried for days after that visit to the vet. It is for the best, because Kalare is (pain)free now. We will miss him and love him forever. Even if that sounds like I am a crazy cat lady (proud to be).

Marlous took the picture of me and Nalu above as well, while she was here to brainstorm. Because somehow, over tea&cake, I ended up as her creative partner in crime for Oh Marie this year!! I must say, it's the best thing that ever happened to me over tea ;) Awesome Marlous and I have been making all kinds of plans since and we can't wait to get shooting, writing and collecting for our first issue! We will blow you all away early spring :)

Just before Christmas I got an early present: my first publication! The shoot I did with Hanke Arkenbout hit theweddingblog.be. I couldn't be more proud of this amazing dark winter days shoot! And so, this year ended like it started.. A shoot with sweet Hanke, lots of new things and projects that involve insecurities and wobbly bits. But I feel way more confident than at the start of 2014. Because I have the support of the most talented people, a network with the best creatives in town and a whole bunch of sweet supporters! So this one is for you! dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot - photography by Hanke Arkenhout - styling by Anne van Midden - 2015 Your kind words, comments and likes always bring a smile to my face and mean the world to me. Because sometimes, when you work at home, it can get lonely and quiet. But with all those lovely people at the other side of my screen, I feel less alone. Thank you for all those nice moments this year! You have been wonderful! I hope to see a lot of you in 2015!

Have a magical new year, filled with love, happiness, friends, exciting new things and adventures!

Enjoy! ♥ Anne

goodbye to a magical year

It's almost 2015, time to look back at this year. It has been one hell of a ride! When 2014 started I just celebrated my company’s first birthday and still felt like a total rookie, business wise. I had to figure out what my ‘USP’ was, where in this giant pool of creatives I belong. I also jumped into this year with an engagement ring around my finger, making all kinds of plans with my love. One of them was my idea to illustrate my own wedding stationery. A lot of new things filled up my to do list and it felt a bit wobbly at first.

But then came the lazy Sunday shoot I did with Hanke Arkenbout, on the day we first met. (seriously: “Hi, I’m Anne.. this is my giant backpack with props”) The shoot turned out so good, I felt more confident I was on the right track. After that great start, the year flew by! I will show you my highlights, in tiny squares that represent each season. Let's start with spring! my year in squares - spring 2014 | Inspire Styling journal I spend most of my free time working like a crazy hermit on our save the dates and invitations. With every flower I painted I got happier.. and closer to a wrist injury (still handling that one). Totally worth it. In the weekends Stefan and I loaded up our firevan with all kinds of vintage tableware for the wedding. Total prepping-mode, we were on the roll! ;)

On a cold rainy day I created a gorgeous lookbook for Puur Anders, starring my sweet friend Margriet (looking stunning with ivy ranks all over her body) and photographed by Danique van Kesteren. When I downloaded the pictures I knew.. My USP is my love for nature. It is my neverending source of inspiration and a red thread in my best work. Nature, details and authenticity, that pretty much sums up what my work is (and what I am!) all about. I guess I found my place in the pool this year.

That month I spend more time with Danique, since we also had our engagement shoot our beautiful hometown. I never really shared the pictures, I should do that in 2015.. for those French fries alone! ;) my year in squares - summer 2014 | Inspire Styling journal And then summer finally came. Besides all the wedding stuff I made a lot of moodboards&sketches and searched for the most perfect furniture for a backstage room at Doornroosje Nijmegen. I met a lot of people online and found out that they all are even lovelier offline. I got the hang of Instagram, gave my website a little makeover and listened to Hankes tips about photography.

The times we weren’t thrifting or working, Stefan and I had our own little adventures. Picking blackberries, beachcombing, running into dreamy flowery fields, gazing at sunsets in Soestduinen, wandering in the woods.. or just strolling through Amersfoort.

But the biggest adventure we ever had was getting married! On the 28th of June we said our I do’s under the trees. It was the most amazing day, filled with family&friends, flowers, good food (thank you Femke&Eddy), homemade details, thrifted treasures, helping hands, magical moments and a lot of love!!  bohemian wedding in the woods | photo by 88forever | Inspire Styling So yeah, the first half of 2014 was pretty amazing! Tomorrow I will let you know if the second half can measure up.. :)

♥ Anne

Happy Holidays!!

happy holidays - simple Christmas wreath | Inspire StylingI'm making some last minute Christmas wreaths today, to make our living room look extra festive for the next couple of days. I saved the branches we cut off our Christmas tree for this. Planning ahead and less waste, win-win! :) This is my first one, I photographed it before the daylight was completely gone (oh those dark winter days!). My entire desk is covered in green clippings from our garden now, so I guess I will have to make some more today ;)

And yes, I'm doing this at the very last minute, I planned to decorate the entire home before this weekend. Inspired by all the amazing (overseas) stylists I follow, I set that impossible goal every year! Never works out. I don't know how other people do this, I guess I will have to work on that planning ahead thing, haha!

We don't have too much plans for Christmas, except for a lunch at my sisters place, so we will probably spend the Holidays like we do every year: In our living room, with a pile of blankets, pillows, movies, snacks and wine. Just the two of us, our furry friend Nalu and our sweet little Kalare, who is no longer with us but will be in our hearts forever.

I hope you have a wonderful time, filled with joy, love and magical moments!

ENJOY! ♥ Anne

dark days before Christmas | styled winter shoot

dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van MiddenNot too long ago I teamed up with talented Hanke Arkenbout again to create a beautiful styled winter shoot, for some (Christmas) inspiration. On film, because Hanke is queen of all analogue photos!

You might know Hanke from the Lazy Sunday shoot we did last year. If you don't know her yet, be sure to check out her amazing work! I think she captures life, love and details in a beautiful way and she has an amazing eye for gorgeous light. The shoot we did a few weeks ago isn't typical for Hanke, because most of her pictures are light and breezy, but she nailed this one!! Black candles, dark fabrics, a lot of different textures.. It all looks so good on film!

My inspiration for this shoot came from those moody days before Christmas. You can feel the Holidays coming closer, there something festive in the air, but the days are short, dark and grey. You can turn on all the lights and pretend it's bright and sunny.. or you can let in the darkness and just go with it. Bake the best chocolate cake in town, light some candles and get cosy with wool blankets and coffee (black of course). Embrace those dark winter days!

Great soundtrack for this shoot: Tori Amos - Winter dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot - photography by Hanke Arkenhout - styling by Anne van Midden6dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot - photography by Hanke Arkenhout - styling by Anne van Midden21dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Middendark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Midden dark winter days - analog Christmas shoot | photography by Hanke Arkenhout | styling by Anne van Midden I hope you love our styled winter shoot as much as I do and found some inspiration in these pictures :) There will be a lot more inspiring images in 2015! Although I have some great things planned, there's always room for more. One of my ambitions for the new year is do the styling of editiorial shoots for (online)magazines, if you want to help me realize this dream, please drop a line at anne@inspirestyling.com!

I hope you have an amazing Christmas! Enjoy, relax and have fun!!

♥ Anne


the smell of the Holidays

the smell of the Holidays, eucalyptus branches | Inspire Styling journalAre you getting ready for the Holidays? I'm slowly getting into that good old Christmas vibe! The pretty lights everywhere, darker days, songs on the radio.. I love it! Especially in my hometown Amersfoort, which already is a postcard come to live without all the Christmas decorations. You should definitely pay a visit this December, if you can :)

This weekend I bought some Eucalyptus branches from the flower market. I was quite hard to pick something, all those lovely berries, leaves and pinetree wreaths.. But Eucalyptus was this weeks winner and their scent is giving our home that typical Holiday-season smell. the smell of the Holidays, eucalyptus branches | Inspire Styling journalthe smell of the Holidays, eucalyptus branches | Inspire Styling journal We still have to get a Christmas tree, but untill then these branches will do the trick! (can't wait for a tree though!)

Enjoy and be merry! ♥ Anne

why autumn is my favorite season..

autumn forest - seeds | Inspire Styling journalI could have ended the post after this photo. This is my Autumn is my favorite season.. the colors, the crisp air, falling leaves, changing nature and this year: the Indian Summer.

On the first of November me and my family-in-law walked out into a beautiful orange-yellow colored forest in Soest. It was warm and sunny, it didn't feel like Autumn at all. But those colors do! This is what my favorite season is all about! And that is why I didn't end this post after the first photo. Better keep reading.. :) autumn forest | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - family | Inspire Styling journal My family-in-law came over for my birthday. They all live on Dutch island Texel, so they usually stay the entire day. Because the weather was screaming: "GO OUTSIDE" we suggested to take a walk in the forest. Best idea ever. autumn forest - mushrooms | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - leaves confetti | Inspire Styling journal My father-in-law took this picture. Leaves confetti is the best!! :) *fall wedding idea* autumn forest - family | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - leaves | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - family | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - leaves | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - heathland | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - heathland | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - family | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - heathland | Inspire Styling journalautumn forest - flare | Inspire Styling journal These last two pictures feel like Summer to me, so dreamy and light! I wish I could have stayed longer to shoot some golden hour photos but we had to get back on time. Oh well, maybe this weekend :)

Enjoy! ♥ Anne

tiny adventures: greenhouse wanderers

greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalA few weeks ago, on my birthday, me and my love wandered through a small, old greenhouse in Utrecht. It was an Autumn day and although the leaves were turning yellow and red, the air was warm. Mother Nature made the most of the Indian Summer this year.

Strolling through greenhouses is my favorite thing to do, so if I know there is such a place in a city I visit I will look it up. I guess I'm not really a city-let's go shopping-kind of person. I used up the full percentage of my iPhone to shoot a lot of pictures, as I wasn't carrying my camera with me that day. So much beauty! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal These massive waterlillies (Victoria amazonica) are the show-stopper of the Oude Hortus. They are absoluty amazing, so delicate and strong at the same time. The leaves can grow up to 1,5 meters in Summer, worth checking out I would say! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal Even fallen bougainville petals have the most beautiful color! This is magenta at it's best! We tried to grow a bougainville in our garden, but the Dutch climate is way too harsh on this pretty Medditerranean plant. Adding to bucketlist: Spotting a bougainville in it's natural habitat! greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal These little crawling plant was incredibly soft and airy, it felt like some sort of bouncy cloud. I actually petted this plant, very gently of course. Do not do this if you can't be careful! (PS: Look at our hands! They say: "We are married!" :) ) greenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journalgreenhouse wanderer | Inspire Styling journal I have been to Utrecht lots of times, but I never knew about this small gem in the city centre. The Oude Hortus is part of the Universiteitsmuseum, the entrance fee for just the greenhouse&garden is close to zero. The greenhouse itself isn't really that big, but the atmosphere is nice and the garden very pretty! The perfect place to escape the busy streets and shops. You can even take a break at the Gingko café, where they serve coffee, cake, lunch and wine. One of the oldest Ginkgo trees (250 years!) grows in this garden, hence the name.

Oh and we found out you can get married at this place! Can't wait till I can plan&style a wedding here!

If you happen to be in Utrecht, remember to visit this beautiful, calm place behind the Dick Bruna museum :)

♥ Anne