wedding in the woods - the making of :)

YES!!! I'm back! I married my best friend on the 28th of June and we slowly came down from our little heaven on a cloud and returned to reality. It was such a beautiful day, the sun even came out while the forecast was all about rain, hail, storm and thunder. My mother-in-law said: "I think you guys had some spare Angels". I want to believe that what you give is what you get and we have been pretty nice to Mother Nature.. :) We have to wait a few weeks for the photos from Danique&second shooter Bart (OAK&FIR) and the film from our videographer Jamy (Life from the Inside), but we did get little previews from our amazing team. Like this stunning picture from Danique! :)

Want to see more? Check out #AnneStefan2014 on Instagram! (There's a instapreview film too!!)

Our day was everything we hoped and more! You can plan everything you know, you can make the prettiest decorations, search for the most perfect tableware and order the best food in the world.. but you can't plan how your guests will be, if they will have a good time and will be able to relax. But it turns out we had the best guests ever! We ended our day by eating fries at the campfire in the middle of the night, wishing the day would never end (at least, that's what I did). Everyone was relaxed, happy and enjoyed our day.

And now it's back to work, e-mails, blogposts and to do lists. But before I return to normal life completely, I want to share some 'behind the scenes' pictures of our wedding. We worked on it for a year and we had a lot of help from our friends in the last month, so I think it's only right to share some of the work that went into our big day! :) ♥

wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-1wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-6wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-7wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-3wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-17 We went to a LOT of thrift stores the past year, to buy all kinds of tableware for our wedding. Stefan and I collected just over 21 moving boxes full of candlestick holders, blankets, props and vintage, patterned tableware, to avoid boring white plates or something that just wasn't us. And we are quite lucky people, to have friends that don't even complain when they have to remove pricetags from over 200 glasses, 60 mugs, 85 cups&saucers, 62 soup bowls, 60 plates and lots of other tableware.

You guys are the best! We promise we will never do it again ;)

wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-5wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-8wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-11Of course Stefan and I were very optimistic about going home on time the day before, to get some good night's sleep.. but we stayed with our friends and helped setting everything up untill 23h. Oops. And because of the tension, a fever and to do lists running around in my head I didn't sleep at all that night! I felt like I could spend that entire Saturday morning crying, just because I was so tired and emotional. I lost my voice too, because of a flu the week before, so I felt like a total wreck on the morning of our BIG DAY! No pressure..

When our best man picked me up at my hairdresser and he and his girlfriend just said 'wow', smiled at me and gave me a big hug, I started to feel a lot better. And it was kind of nice to drive to our location together, playing music and talking about all kind of things. Once there, I locked myself in my best friends room to write my vows and avoid walking into Stefan before our first look! I was so nervous to see my man, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think of that moment.. Ha, well I'm giving away way too much.. so a big fat TO BE CONTINUED on this one!

wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-12wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-10wedding in the woods - making of - inspire styling-14 Now it's up to these two and Jamy! I will be back when these talented folks send us the photos&film!

♥ Anne